Income Disclaimer


GIF is NOT a GET Rich Quick Scheme and Must Never be Marketed as One. GIF DOES NOT Guarantee Any Level of Earnings or Success. Success with GIF varies from Individual to Individual depending on one’s effort. 
The GIF Payplan, Member Testimonials and Success Stories are meant for illustration purposes only to show what is Possible and does NOT Constitute a Promise of any level of income or Success.

As with any Business, Success with GIF takes Hard Work, Patience, Commitment, Leadership, Knowledge and Desire to Learn and Continually Improve your Network Marketing and Business Skills to be able to build a BIG SALES TEAM so as to Increase your Sales Commissions. 

GIF is a CUSTOMER and PRODUCT driven company, and we strongly encourage ALL members to use of GIF Web Hosting Services to be able to Show others what Products they purchased from GIF.

It takes an average of 24-48 Months of Well Focused Hard Work for the average person to see some tangible results with GIF Business Plan.